The San Francisco Hepatitis Task Force was Chartered by the City in 2010 to address the epidemic of Hepatitis C plaguing the City. It’s original  Mission Statement states: We envision a San Francisco where:

  • Everyone is educated about HCV and has the opportunity to know their HCV status;

  • Everyone living with HCV receives the highest level of care and support to ensure their quality of life and longevity; and

  • There are no new HCV transmissions.

            Since that time The Task Force has been an effective voice in the growing public health movement fighting Hep C and linking new patients with health care.  Nowadays, Hep C is effectively cured with new medications.

            The Task Force has sponsored and collaborated in  public educational outreach and neighborhood screening programs. It has been a great advocate seeking public health funding for Hep C testing and treatment from legislatures in San Francisco, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

           A consortium of like-minded organization has been formed, End Hep C S.F., to coordinate and expand the City-wide efforts to contain and treat Hep C.  As part of this collaborative effort the Task Force is merging it’s resources with End Hep S.F.

            Link here to their strategic plan to eliminate Hepatitis C in S.F.  Also see for more about the City’s umbrella approach to the Hep C epidemic.

           Many thanks to all the health advocates who’ve been Task Force members and to all those who’ve provided us support along the way.  Our mailbox is still open.  Don’t Go Viral. Get Tested. Get Cured